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A Multi-Stage, Strategically-Oriented Venture Capital Firm Investing in Transformative Food & AgTech

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A Multi-Stage, Strategically-Oriented Venture Capital Firm Investing in Transformative Food & AgTech

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Our Belief

Straight-forward, focused support that is never off-the-shelf

The needs and work styles of entrepreneurs vary, and navigating growth to reach success is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

 We recognize the unique qualities, strengths and know-how of exceptional entrepreneurs and serve to provide them with the resources and guidance that play to their respective strengths. We are eager to partner with creative, motivated and highly-capable teams and individuals who value our collaborative approach and our let’s-make-it-happen frame-of-mind that is never off-the-shelf.

We invest in top technologists and visionary creators with solutions on a path to exceptionally high impact, rapid scalability and the establishment of new value networks that enable further building towards a brighter future.

Germin8 is the nimble and mission-driven partner, leveraging operating experience and action in an unconventional approach to accomplish measurable, profound impact.

Fixing a Broken Food System

Our food system is failing—operating on a linear path within planetary boundaries, constraining producer economics, disconnected from consumer trust and relevance, enabling chronically unhealthy western diets while leaving many people around the world undernourished and imposing massive medical burdens on our healthcare systems and society. Yet food is the single strongest lever to optimize environmental sustainability, human health and life on earth. It’s time for a 21st century upgrade, which is best-achievable through innovation in technologies, business models and policies. Technology intervention and advancement will not only provide food security and productivity improvement, but impact lives and catalyze major shifts even beyond the scope of food and agriculture.

Germin8 Ventures seeks to partner with entrepreneurs and companies who have a vision to answer important questions and challenge the status quo through improved, sustainable and healthy processes and offerings.

What We Like to Work On

Germin8 Ventures provides investment and strategic resources to transformative Food & Agriculture Technology companies that are addressing major demand trends and improving the global food system through disruptive technologies and solutions. We invest in disruptive Food & AgTech companies across the value chain, in various stages, globally.

Investment Focus Aligned With Emerging Growth Segments

Consumer Innovation

  • Connected Kitchen / Internet-of-Food
  • Food Analytics
  • Food Marketplace / E-Commerce
  • Novel Foods & Ingredients

Industrial AgTech

  • Animal Health & Protein Production
  • Food Safety & Traceability
  • Indoor Agriculture
  • Smart Equipment & Hardware / Internet-of-Food
  • Digital / Precision Agriculture Tech

FoodTech & Alternative Foods

  • CPG (Novel Foods & Ingredients)
  • Food Safety & Traceability
  • Food Science
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Sustainable & Alternative Protein
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Waste Elimination Tech

Learn About the Transformative Companies We Back

Field Intelligence for Smart Farming

Agriculture’s AI-enabled smart farming platform, transforming farms into data-driven assembly lines, optimizing efficient production, improving yields and providing full visibility for the world’s fruits, nuts and vegetables

Think Waze™, but for operating equipment in the field for your most critical farming tasks

LinkedIn: Fieldin

The Internet of Soil 

Revolutionary DIY digital agronomy platform automating and optimizing crop nutrition and irrigation, powered by the world’s most advanced in-ground sensing and software system

Think Nest®, except for automating your farm with agronomic best-practices tailored to your field

LinkedIn: CropX

Harvesting Nature’s Intelligence

Using advanced computational intelligence to find nature’s wealth of natural compounds that promote health and wellness. Brightseed™ is harvesting nature’s intelligence to find these bioactive compounds and transform the modern diet from a cause of chronic illness to a source of health

Think about the Google™ search engine, except instead of indexing the world’s information and websites, this search engine—named Forager™—indexes the information of plants and their health-beneficial compounds to solve unmet human needs

LinkedIn: Brightseed

Rethinking Kids Drinks for Good, Clean, Fun

Creating a new category for kids’ beverages which did not previously exist. As consumers increasingly seek out healthier foods and beverages and want them in sustainable, on-the-go packages, they also want the same for their kids. Rethink is leading innovation in healthy, hydrating and naturally flavorful on-the-go beverages, designed to appeal to children

Think juice boxes for kids, except flavorful hydration without the sugar

LinkedIn: Rethink Brands

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